Jo's services


Sports massage - Remedial massage - Relaxation massage

Jo Drummond of HorseWorks is a fully qualified and insured Equine Myofunctional Therapist (with a Diploma from the National College of Traditional Medicine) and is a member of the Small Animal and Equine Naturopathic Association.

Jo can assess and treat soft tissue issues in horses. She has studied equine anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, plus massage techniques and application. She has an appreciation of conformation, nutrition, saddle fitting and hoof balance issues, as well as business and clinical report writing practices. This all contributes to achieving outcomes for horses and owners.  

Jo can tailor massage treatments for performance horses, pleasure horses, injured horses, aged horses, riding school horses and rescue horses, and for horses with behavioural issues or facing significant events or change. She can work with your vet or other health providers to provide massage that is complimentary to their work.

Jo travels to your property, agistment, riding club rally etc to do single massage treatments or ongoing treatment plans that can provide more cumulative benefits. 

Jo can provide recommendations about further treatment and exercises to assist the horse, plus discuss saddle and rug fit, diet, lifestyle, hoof care, dental care and/or vet care - and can make referrals if requested.

Some recent testimonials

"Jo gets really in tune with my horses and lets them communicate when they are uncomfortable or pleased. Watching her work is wonderful and seeing progress in my ponies is amazing."

- Red Curtis Equestrian

"Jo is wonderful with my horse. Never ever rushes, is fully engaged and always on time. She has wonderful techniques and fresh ideas. Jo is the best." 

- Claudi, Upper Pakenham