Benefits of Equine Myofunctional Therapy


Equine Myofunctional Therapy (EMT) is horse massage applied to the soft tissue to improve muscle health, whole body function, wellbeing and performance. 

EMT can help horses at almost any age and stage of their lives and in any discipline to maintain or improve their movement, posture, attitude and overall health. 

EMT supports horses to work at their optimum, or can help address performance or behavioural issues such as shortened stride, lack of bend, refusals, grumpiness and many other issues that can arise from muscle soreness.


  • treats muscle damage, improves muscle health and function
  • helps the muscles to support tendons, ligaments, joints and bones 
  • increases blood and lymphatic circulation, to aid nutrient supply, immunity and the removal of waste including lactic acid
  • can help improve nerve function, for better muscle control and performance, and can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to induce calm
  • may help regulate hormones to reduce pain and stress levels
  • improves skin and coat health by stimulating sebum secretion
  • has other spinoff benefits for other parts of the horse, such as respiration and digestion - the whole horse benefits from EMT.